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Peter Max, Counterculture Artist, Victim of A Predatory Guardianship?
October 3, 2021

The art of Peter Max is instantly recognizable. His colorful, psychedelic paintings became wildly popular during the counter-culture era of the 1960s. Max’s art graced the flyer for the 1967 massive “Be-In” in Central Park; appeared on a postage stamp;…

Lt Uhura
Star Trek Actress The Subject Of Guardianship Battle
September 15, 2021

Britney Spears’ guardianship has drawn most of the media attention lately. But there is another, not quite-so-high-profile celebrity currently embroiled in a guardianship drama. Both stories underscore how essential it is to make legal plans for the possibility that you…

court guardianship
How To Protect Yourself From Court-Ordered Guardianship, And How One Ward Fought Back
September 10, 2020

Our Florida elder law attorneys help people make plans not just for death, but for life. Among those important life plans is avoiding court-ordered guardianship. Nearly 1.5 million Americans are currently under guardianship, most over the age of 65. There…

New Florida law better protects the elderly from bad guardians
June 27, 2020

Most court-appointed guardians do their best to compassionately serve their elderly wards. But there’s no doubt about it: There have been bad apples in Florida’s public guardianship system. Over the years the state has introduced several measures aimed at better…

Guardianship In Florida: A Bad Apple
February 13, 2020

On February 11, Rebecca Fierle was arrested in Marion County, Florida on felony charges of aggravated abuse of an elderly person. As disturbing as elder abuse is, this case is particularly horrifying because Fierle was a professional guardian, entrusted with…

Tranquility Base Landing For The Aldrin Family
Tranquility Base Landing For The Aldrin Family
April 2, 2019

Buzz Aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon when the Apollo 11 lunar module landed gracefully in the Sea of Tranquility. But in recent years, Aldrin’s relationship with his children has been anything but tranquil. As noted…

Sumner Redstone Estate Battle- The Wheel Has Come Full Circle
Sumner Redstone Estate Battle: The Wheel Has Come Full Circle
January 9, 2019

It’s been as much a Shakespearean tragedy as a legal battle over an elderly billionaire’s assets. The story features power grabs, on-again, off-again lovers, betrayal, and money… lots and lots of money. In my post of 2016 I described the…

Buz Adlrin
Houston, We Have A Problem
July 3, 2018

Houston, we have a problem! Nearly 50 years after becoming the second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin is undertaking a more earthly mission: fighting guardianship proceedings  to stay in control of his own affairs. In May, two of…

Glen Campbell
Singer Glen Campbell’s estate plan cuts out three of his children
December 5, 2017

When country music legend Glen Campbell was living, his family feuded over control of his money. Now that he’s gone, they are likely to continue feuding over it – just on a new front.  Considering the singer had eight children…

Martin Zelman
Can someone with dementia sue for divorce? Palm Beach County Court says no
January 6, 2016

Estate planning is as much about planning for life’s curve balls as it is about what happens when you are gone. A recent Florida case demonstrates how failing to anticipate those curve balls can plunge a family into chaos.The key…