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Will my heirs have to pay my estate taxes?

We understand the trauma of losing a loved one. Dealing with probate or trust administration issues can be overwhelming for a grieving family. Be assured that our lawyers and staff treat each client with the same sensitivity and patience we would want for ourselves in similar circumstances. Our goal is to alleviate as much of the burden as possible from families in these difficult circumstances.

We Assist Clients With:

Probate: Probate is the legal procedure in which the probate court assumes jurisdiction over the assets of someone who has died. Our firm handles probate matters in all 67 Florida counties. The court supervises the payment of debts, taxes, and probate fees, then supervises the distribution of the remainder to the persons named in a Will, or to the heirs if there is no Will.

Trust Administration: Probate may not be necessary if a deceased person had a properly drafted and funded Trust, although trust administration is still necessary.

Post-mortem planning: Family members commonly believe that their deceased loved one properly planned because the decedent had a Last Will, created and funded a Trust, or designated certain individuals as beneficiaries. In fact, sometimes the decedent’s plans can actually have a negative impact on the family with regard to estate taxes, and/or Florida Medicaid planning strategies for the surviving spouse. If this occurs, our estate attorneys can advise you about post-mortem planning techniques that may rectify the situation and create more favorable tax consequences for surviving family members. Seeking the advice of an experienced Florida Probate and Trust Administration lawyer before receiving these assets is always wise.

We urge you to contact us to investigate the best ways to provide protection for yourself during your lifetime, and for your loved ones when you’re gone.

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Client Review

When we moved from New York to Florida we had to find an attorney to redo legal documents since Florida laws are different from NY. We had gone to a presentation about trusts in NY and they recommended The Karp Attorneys.  We found them very professional and answered all our questions and took care of our legal documents for Florida. Price was reasonable too. When we went back to pick up all our papers, I couldn’t get over how professional it was. Everything was explained to us and answered any questions we had and put all our legal documents in a binder. Also we could call them if the future with any questions we might have. They specialize in elder law. I would highly recommend them for your legal documents.

5 Star Review – Mildred