Florida Elder Law Radio

Florida Bar Certified Elder Law Attorney Joseph Karp discusses elder law, taxes, estate planning, Medicaid and veterans issues, family and health issues and more.

Listen to Selected Past Shows:

July 2022 – Father-son lawyer duo Joe and Jon Karp discuss life and law: The touchy subject of disinheriting children, protecting your children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance from in-laws.

Dec. 2020 – How Covid has impacted estate planning, coming estate tax changes, IRA beneficiary designations.

MARCH 2020 – Waived RMDs, Tax Deadlines, Our Virtual Office




SEPTEMBER 2019 – I Didn’t Know That!

AUGUST 2019 – Long-Term Care Policy holders Facing Huge Premium Increases

JULY 2019 – Planning Is An Ongoing Process

JUNE 2019 – Could A Disgruntled Heir Challenge Your Estate?

May 2019 – There May be Lost Money Waiting For You. Here’s How to Find It.

APRIL 2019 – What Is A Pourover Will and Why Is It So Important?

MARCH 2019 – Revisit Estate Plans When One Spouse Needs Medicaid or Passes Away

FEBRUARY 2019 – Life Changes!

October 2018 – Changes to eligibility requirements for V.A. Aid & Attendance benefits; advance directives.

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Big Changes For Veterans Seeking Aid & Attendance Benefits

AUGUST 2018 – Who Should You Choose As Trustee

JUNE 2018 – Should You Disucss Your Estate Plan With Your Adult Children?

MAY 2018 – Advance Directives Keep You In Control of Your Medical Destiny!

MARCH 2018 – It Could be A Mistake to Let Your Life Insurance Lapse!

FEBRUARY 2018 – Attorney Karp and Anita talk about beneficiary designations and other issues

JANUARY 2018 – Attorney Karp talks about the new tax law and its impact on estate planning.

DECEMBER 2017 – The holidays are a good time to talk with your kids about your plans… you don’t need to tell them every detail!

OCTOBER 2017 – Many topics discussed!

AUGUST 2017 – Medicaid Myths! Part 2

JULY 2017 – Medicaid Myths!

MAY 2017 – Want to spare your family from having to deal with probate when you’re gone?

April 2017 – Understand the protections you get from a durable power of attorney; why you must review beneficiary designations.

APRIL 2017 – Younger people, especially young parents, need to plan for disability or death.

MARCH 2017 – Anita and Joe discuss the important questions your attorney will ask you, but those online planning resources won’t !

January 2017 – How to make gifts to loved ones without wrecking your estate plan.

JANUARY 2017 – What Might Be In Store For Florida Seniors Under Our New President?

DECEMBER 2016 – Be Prepared for Any Unwelcome Turns in Life

NOVEMBER 2016 – Cohabiting Mature Couples Need Legal Planning

OCTOBER 2016 – So You’re Getting Married – Again!

SEPTEMBER 2016 – Will Your Money Last Your Lifetime? No Matter Your Age, It’s Time to Budget

AUGUST 2016 – Financial Ramifications of Nursing Home Admission Contracts

JULY 2016 – Protect Yourself Against Financial Abuse

JUNE 2016 – New Federal Rules for Paying Your Home Health Care Worker