Client Consultation Forms

If you have a consultation scheduled with our attorneys, please complete the appropriate consultation form in advance of your consultation. This information is essential for us to properly advise you and allows us to make the best use of the consultation time. Do not worry if you cannot answer every question. Just do the best you can. If necessary, we can get more information at a later time.

You may submit the completed form one of three ways:

  • Complete and submit online:

1. Click link “Complete Online Form.”

2. Fill in the form fields. Click “Submit” when finished.

  • Download and complete on your computer (fillable pdf):

1. Click link “Download Form to Computer.”  The form will automatically download to your computer.

2. Open the form on your computer and fill in the form fields.

3. Save the form. Print and bring to your consultation, or fax to us at (561) 625-0060. Or, email to us at

  • Print blank copy and complete manually:

1. Click link “Print Blank Form.”

2. Complete the form manually.

3. Bring the completed form to your consultation (or fax to us at 561-625-0060).


Planning Survey for Initial Estate Planning Consultation, Long-Term Care Planning Consultation, or 3-Year Review Consultation
Confidential Estate
Administration Survey
Complete Online Form Complete Online Form
Download and Complete on Your Computer Download and Complete on Your Computer
Print Blank Form Print Blank Form
* If Consultation is for Long-Term Care Planning Print “Documents Needed to Determine Medicaid Eligibility * Print “Checklist of Items Needed


*These checklists are provided for your convenience, so you can begin locating the necessary paperwork. Do not worry if you cannot locate all the items for your initial consultation! Just bring whatever you have right now. We can always get the rest of the information later on.

Waiver of Confidentiality Form:

Complete this form if you wish to authorize us to release your confidential information to one or more persons. We cannot release any information without your written consent. The form must be downloaded, completed and mailed or faxed to us. It cannot be Emailed. If not signed in the presence of a Karp Law Firm attorney, the form must also be notarized. Please see the directions on the form. Download form