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Will the state take my house if I go on Medicaid benefits?

Paying for long-term care costs is one of the biggest challenges facing many seniors today.  These challenges are complicated by three factors:

  • Through advancements in medicine, people are living longer than ever before.
  • Nursing home and medical costs continue to skyrocket.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Medicare does not pay for the cost of long-term care.

As Florida Medicaid lawyers, we are experienced in helping clients maximize the nursing home and long-term care benefits to which they may be entitled.  When meeting with a client or couple, we will want to review the financial situation, determine whether the person qualifies for Medicaid Benefits and/or Veterans Benefits, and learn more about each client’s objectives.  We can then help develop a plan to assist families struggling to pay for a loved one’s long-term nursing home expenses and preserve assets.

Contrary to popular belief, spending down and going broke is not the only option for a family. Our Florida elder law attorneys know the ins and outs of Florida Medicaid laws and Veterans benefits laws. 

We know many perfectly legal techniques that may allow you to qualify for Medicaid benefits and Veterans benefits before you lose everything to long-term care expenses, even if your loved one is already in a nursing home.  

Medicaid Laws are Highly Complex

The laws governing Medicaid benefits and Veterans benefits are highly complex. Do not go it alone, as a mishandled application can result in the continued erosion of your assets. Before you take any action, be sure to consult with the certified elder law attorneys of The Karp Law Firm.

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Client Review

After the passing of my husband, my legal documents needed revising. I made an appointment with Ms. Harris. She spent a great deal of time making sure I understood what the changes meant. She was kind, and sympathetic about my life now. She assured me she would be there for me in the future.

5 Star Review – Anita