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Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher
Estate of Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher goes to probate because funding neglected
August 15, 2017

Carrie Fisher, daughter of late actress Debbie Reynolds and crooner Eddie Fisher, died from a heart attack on December 27 at age 60. When her mother died the following day, many were not surprised: Fisher and Reynolds had an exceptionally…

Living Trust: The Basics
July 2, 2017

The living trust, also known as the intervivos trust or revocable trust, is a useful and popular estate planning tool in Florida, and rightly so. Here are some of the key advantages of this versatile legal instrument. And also, some…

The perils of outdated beneficiary designations
February 23, 2017

“But I just want a simple will!” “I’m not rich!” That’s how some new clients respond when our attorneys ask to see a list of their assets and how they are owned (titled). We make the same request when we…

Robert Morin
Should your gifts to your heirs have strings attached?
October 17, 2016

The story of Robert Morin will resonate with you if you’re mulling over the most effective way to leave assets to your loved ones (or organizations) in your estate plan. A University of New Hampshire alumnus who worked as a…

Surprise, it’s ancillary probate
July 9, 2016

People who ask The Karp Law Firm to handle the Florida probate of a loved one’s estate often have an inkling of what’s ahead: just about everyone has heard horror stories about the probate courts, particularly the courts in Florida….

Newlyweds, tend to these important plans
May 31, 2016

At this time of year, thousands of eager couples, young and perhaps not-so-young, are busy with preparations for a June wedding. Guest lists, flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses take center stage right now. But after the honeymoon, newly married couples should…

This Prince was no pauper
April 27, 2016

Update 5/2/2016: The Carver County, Minnesota District Court today appointed Bremer Trust as Special Administrator of Prince’s estate.  The untimely death of musical superstar Prince has estate planning lawyers paying close attention. With all the usual combustible elements in place…

identity theft
Thieves can steal from you and you don’t even have to be alive!
January 12, 2016

If there’s a way to make a dishonest buck, you can be sure someone, somewhere will find it and exploit it. And because scammers always zero in on the most vulnerable people, families grieving the death of a loved one…

Estate Challenges: Learning from Neil Rogers
April 10, 2011

South Florida radio personality Neil Rogers died Dec. 24 at the age of 68. You either loved him or hated him. He had no close family, but left behind legions of bereaved fans. And he left behind something else: Two contradictory Wills. The…