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With No Estate Plan, Prince’s Estate Descends Into Chaos
March 11, 2018

Many music critics put the late rock icon Prince in a class all his own: unimaginably talented and prolific, churning out hit after hit such as “Purple Rain”and “When Doves Cry.” But in one respect the Grammy Award-winning musician was…

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Steps to take when a Social Security recipient dies
November 6, 2016

Despite all the trauma that accompanies the death of a loved one, certain tasks must be attended to without too great a delay. If the decedent was receiving Social Security benefits, one of the tasks is notifying the Social Security…

Surprise, it’s ancillary probate
July 9, 2016

People who ask The Karp Law Firm to handle the Florida probate of a loved one’s estate often have an inkling of what’s ahead: just about everyone has heard horror stories about the probate courts, particularly the courts in Florida….

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Can someone with dementia sue for divorce? Palm Beach County Court says no
January 6, 2016

Estate planning is as much about planning for life’s curve balls as it is about what happens when you are gone. A recent Florida case demonstrates how failing to anticipate those curve balls can plunge a family into chaos.The key…

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Can you disinherit an adult child?.
February 18, 2013

Not all parents enjoy a warm relationship with all their children. I’ve met with many parents – some pained, some resigned, others angry – who have been estranged from their children for years. They may have tried reaching out and been…

What can an elder law attorney do for you?
May 21, 2012

Could you use help from a Florida Elder Law Attorney? To answer that question, we should probably start with an even more basic question: What the heck is elder law, anyway? Since May is National Elder Law Month, this is…

How to coordinate your life insurance with your estate plan
How to coordinate your life insurance with your estate plan
May 15, 2012

Life insurance can be a powerful tool in your estate plan. It can provide financial support for your spouse or heirs when you’re gone. If your estate is taxable, life insurance may be used to pay estate taxes and other expenses. As with…

Attorney Adele Harris teaches Probate course
June 8, 2011

Probate Attorney Adele Harris shared her expertise with paralegals, legal assistants and other legal support staff at the Institute for Paralegal Education’s recent West Palm Beach seminar, “The Probate Process from Start to Finish.” Ms. Harris focused on issues surrounding…

Estate Challenges: Learning from Neil Rogers
April 10, 2011

South Florida radio personality Neil Rogers died Dec. 24 at the age of 68. You either loved him or hated him. He had no close family, but left behind legions of bereaved fans. And he left behind something else: Two contradictory Wills. The…

No Florida Will? Does Florida Have a Plan For You!
April 1, 2011

It’s said only death and taxes are certain. Most of us give taxes the necessary attention (especially this time of year). But when it comes to that other certainty, we tend to stick our heads in the sand. A March…