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Warren Buffet Updates His Estate Plan
July 8, 2024

Life never stands still for anyone. Your personal, family, financial and health circumstances always change over time. So do laws, at both the federal and state level. These are the reasons everyone should revisit and revise their estate plan periodically….

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance And Estate Planning
October 5, 2023

Clients often ask us about how their life insurance policies fit into their estate planning, and vice-versa. In this post we answer frequently asked questions on this subject. We will also tell you about specific traps you should avoid. Note:…

Estate Feud Erupts Over Norman Rockwell Artwork
May 24, 2023

The late painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell was renown for depicting scenes of idyllic family gatherings. Ironically, his artwork is responsible for plunging one family into conflict. The family’s estate battle involves several generations and focuses on which family member…

undue influence
Mom Wants To Change Her Will
July 12, 2022

To rule out undue influence and observe an estate planning client’s mental capacity, our attorneys always speak to a client alone before allowing children or others to sit in on the consultation. This makes it unlikely that anyone could successfully…

Supreme Court
Same-Sex Marriage Rights May Be Jeopardized With Roe Decision
June 26, 2022

Obergefell v. Hodges, decided by the Supreme Court in 2015, legitimized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. The ruling conferred on same-sex couples all the same inheritance and decision-making rights that opposite-sex partners enjoy, also giving them the same protections…

young children
Minor Children: How Your Estate Plan Can Provide for Each One’s Unique Needs
April 30, 2022

We often note in our posts that when leaving an inheritance to children, “equal” is not always “fair.” This applies if your children are adults, and it also applies if one or more of your children are minors. A prudent…

Alert: Estate Tax and Gift Tax Changes In 2022
December 6, 2021

Two key estate planning numbers will change effective January 1, 2022: The lifetime unified gift and estate tax exemption, and the annual estate tax exclusion. These changes may impact you if you have a taxable estate. The lifetime exemption is…

Florida elective share
Florida Elective Share Protects Surviving Spouse, No Matter The Status Of Marriage
November 10, 2021

Florida law offers a robust safety net for surviving spouses: the elective share. A surviving spouse has the right to inherit 30% of his/her deceased spouse’s estate, as well as the right to live in the homestead property (or to…

larry king
Larry King’s Widow Challenges Handwritten Will, Alleges Undo Influence
February 19, 2021

Multiple marriages, divorces, blended families:  These are circumstances that can make it challenging to devise an estate plan that withstands potential claims from disgruntled relatives. And when it comes to marriages, divorces and blended families, few were more familiar with…

Language In Your Florida Trust Must Be Precise
February 11, 2021

A recent case out of Texas illustrates why the language in your estate planning documents must be crystal clear, and anticipate all future possibilities –  possibilities that may not even be on your radar.  Ambiguous language can result in family…