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Bad Medicaid advice and a questionable guardian equal a double nightmare for Palm Beach County resident
December 18, 2016

We frequently remind blog readers of two important planning steps to take: First, get guidance from a Florida Bar Certified Elder Law Attorney when pursuing long-term care Medicaid benefits. Second, make plans to avoid court-ordered guardianship in the event of…

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Florida Medicaid Myths
November 8, 2016

In Florida, the average annual cost of a private room at a long-term nursing facility now hovers upwards of $90,000 annually, with a semi-private room around $83,000. With the oldest Baby Boomers turning 70 and the escalating incidence of chronic…

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Nursing home arbitration clauses no longer permitted
October 7, 2016

SEE NOVEMBER 10, 2016 STATUS UPDATE ON THE NEW CMS RULE. CLICK HERE. Pre-dispute binding arbitration clauses will no longer be permitted in nursing home admissions contracts, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has ruled. The new rule goes…

Medicaid Personal Services Agreements must be properly structured
July 19, 2015

A Medicaid Personal Services Contract, also known as a Personal Services Agreement, can be a great strategy that permits an aging person to pay adult children for caregiving, while still preserving the parent’s eligibility for long-term care Medicaid benefits. In…

ABLE Act allows people with disabilities to save and still keep government benefits
ABLE Act allows people with disabilities to save and still keep government benefits
February 11, 2015

The recently passed ABLE Act (“Achieving a Better Life Experience”) amends section 529 of the IRS code, allowing people with disabilities to save for the future and still be eligible for means-tested federal benefits. Prior to passage, special needs individuals…

ALERT: Criminal penalties for non-lawyers engaging in Medicaid planning — and maybe, for those who hire them!
February 2, 2015

The Florida Supreme Court on January 15, 2015 ruled that a non-lawyer is guilty of the unlicensed practice of law if the individual engages in Medicaid planning activities for clients leading up to the application. The Supreme Court took up…

What Can An Elder Law Attorney Do For You?
May 21, 2012

Could you use help from a Florida Elder Law Attorney? To answer that question, we should probably start with an even more basic question: What the heck is elder law, anyway? Since May is National Elder Law Month, this is…

Beware of “Veterans Annuities”
September 17, 2011

There’s never a shortage of “financial advisors” willing to fleece seniors. That’s heinous enough. More outrageous still is when veterans and their surviving spouses are the targets. Our veterans protected us, and now they need our protection.  And since the…

When The Diagnosis is Alzheimer’s: Legal Steps to Take
June 16, 2010

Karp Law Firm attorneys and staff attended the Alzheimer’s Educational Conference June 3-4 in Palm Beach. We talked with many caregivers, policymakers and professionals. The Palm Beach County Convention Center was filled to capacity for the event — which gives…