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elder abuse
Surprising Estate Plan Suggests Victimizer Became Victim Of Undue Influence
January 27, 2021

Burton Pugach and Linda Riss’ life together is a bizarre saga that captured public attention years ago. Consider the title of the 2007 documentary about their relationship: “Crazy Love.” Pugach’s recent death, allegedly while he was being abused and coerced…

alzheimer's disease
Sons Remember Fathers Taken By Alzheimer’s
September 24, 2020

With our attention focused on COVID 19, we remain mindful that another plague continues to stalk us. Alzheimer’s Disease currently afflicts over 5 million Americans age 65 and up.  Many of our clients and their families are among them, and…

florida nursing home visit
Florida Nursing Homes Still Locked Down: When Can You Visit Your Loved One Again?
August 17, 2020

Our Florida elder law attorneys advise many families who have a loved one residing in a long-term care nursing facility. While the coronavirus pandemic has been disruptive and burdensome for everyone, it has created additional, brutal realities for these families….

How Would You Feel About Being Put On A Ventilator?
May 20, 2020

If you contract COVID 19 and are hospitalized, what kinds of interventions do you want? According to a May 12, 2020 report from Kaiser Health News, one thing many older people definitely DON’T want is to be placed on a ventilator….

Caregiver Pay
Department of Labor issues guide for families who employ caregivers
April 9, 2016

In earlier posts we informed you that the Fair Labor Standards Act now applies to many at-home caregivers. (See prior posts here and here.)  If you employed a caregiver in the past you considered to be an “independent contractor,” you…

Caregiver compensation under the new federal regulations, explained
Caregiver compensation under the new federal regulations, explained
March 21, 2016

In a prior post I alerted you that effective October 2015, certain caregivers are no longer exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. Therefore, employers must pay such caregivers minimum wage and overtime. Since that post, we have received numerous…

Medicaid Personal Services Agreements must be properly structured
July 19, 2015

A Medicaid Personal Services Contract, also known as a Personal Services Agreement, can be a great strategy that permits an aging person to pay adult children for caregiving, while still preserving the parent’s eligibility for long-term care Medicaid benefits. In…

Thanksgiving is a good time to look in on aging parents, provide assistance
November 22, 2013

Visiting your aging parents for Thanksgiving? Enjoying your family time is an opportunity to see how your aging parents are faring. Linda Rhodes, author of several caregiving books and former secretary of aging for Pennsylvania, recently wrote about what to…

elder abuse
Taking Elder Abuse Seriously
June 15, 2011

In the public consciousness, elder abuse is where child abuse was years ago. It is under-reported. Poorly understood. And off the public’s radar. Fortunately, many efforts are being made today to bring this problem into the light of day. That’s…