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young children
Minor Children: How Your Estate Plan Can Provide for Each One’s Unique Needs
April 30, 2022

We often note in our posts that when leaving an inheritance to children, “equal” is not always “fair.” This applies if your children are adults, and it also applies if one or more of your children are minors. A prudent…

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Florida Probate Delays Acute And Causing Hardships For Families
April 24, 2022

It is well-known that the probate process in Florida can be drawn out and cumbersome. That is why so many Florida residents build their estate plans around a revocable living trust, which if properly set up and funded, avoids probate….

FDIC Rules for Trust Accounts Change in 2024, Typical Depositor Unaffected
April 21, 2022

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is changing its policy for trust accounts effective April 1, 2024.  If you are a typical depositor, you should experience no change in coverage and will not need to take any action, says the agency….

Florida Wants To Curb Predatory Guardianships
April 12, 2022

If the court decides you can’t make your own decisions due to incapacity, it will appoint a guardian for you. You then lose the right to make your own decisions.  Your guardian gets extensive authority over your life, from deciding…

Retirement Options Would Change Under Secure 2.0
April 3, 2022

Keep your eye on the on the Securing A Strong Retirement Act, aka Secure 2.0 (HR 2954). The bill passed the House on March 30 with overwhelming bipartisan support and now heads to the Senate. The bill attempts to make…

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Medicare Coverage For Virtual Visits Extended, At Least Temporarily
March 27, 2022

Will Medicare continue to cover the cost of virtual visits with your doctor? The answer is yes – at least temporarily. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, effective March 15, 2022, extends telehealth services for an additional 151 days following the end…

wendy williams
TV Talk Show Host Wendy Williams In Guardianship Battle With Wells Fargo
March 20, 2022

Being placed under court-ordered guardianship means that the court has found you incapable of managing your own affairs, and has appointed a guardian to make decisions for you.  The guardian may be someone who does not know you and who…

Attorney Joseph Karp Presents “What Every Floridian Must Know About Life Planning & Death Planning in 2022”
March 15, 2022

Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Joseph Karp was the featured speaker at the South Palm Beach Quest for Knowledge program on March 14, 2022.  The presentation addressed “What Floridians Need To Know About Life Planning and Death Planning in…

Dangers To Avoid When Signing a Nursing Home Admissions Agreement
March 10, 2022

Admitting a loved one into a nursing home can be an extraordinarily stressful experience, even when you know it is the best option for your loved one and for you. Yet it is precisely at this emotionally challenging time that…

ABLE Account Annual Contribution Limit Rises
February 26, 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, the maximum annual contribution to an ABLE account is $16,000 (up from $15,000). Florida was among the first states in the nation to establish ABLE saving accounts. ABLE is the acronym for “Achieving A Better Life…


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