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Stacks and Snacks: A Great Day!

The Karp Law Firm held a Stacks and Snacks get-together on April 20 at our Palm Beach Gardens office. We invited our clients and other friends to socialize, enjoy fresh pastries and coffee, and drop off their unneeded documents for shredding on site. The turnout was great.

On hand were Attorneys Joseph Karp, Jonathan Karp and Adele Harris; Legal Assistant Rosalinda Pecoraro; Legal Assistant Emily Bergel and her daughter, Bailey; Intake Coordinator Sandra Jantzen; and Marketing Director Deborah Karp. Thank you to everyone who did such a great job organizing the event! Thanks too to Paul of Total Shredding LLC, and to our caterer, Piknik Sandwich Shop of Palm Beach Gardens.

We hope to do another shred event in 2025. Look for the announcement in our monthly newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, click here.

Check out photos of the event:


Attorney Jonathan Karp



(L-R) Legal Assistants Rosalinda Pecoraro and Emily Bergel putting out the pastries



(L-R) Richard R. and Attorney Joseph Karp



Attorney Jonathan Karp (center) with Carolyn and Donald T.





(L-R) Attorney Adele Harris, Fred C., Attorney Jonathan Karp



Intake Coordinator Sandra Jantzen




 Attorney Adele Harris (left, standing) chats with a visitor





Emily Bergel (right) assisted clients and visitors who wanted to book appointments



Bailey, daughter of Legal Assistant Emily Bergel, supervised the pastry table



(L-R) Carmen R. and Dennis R. with Legal Assistant Rosalinda Pecoraro.

Fun fact: Dennis’ late mother was Attorney Jonathan Karp’s babysitter!



(L-R) Irving L. and Attorney Joseph Karp



Paul from Total Shredding LLC demonstrates how papers are shredded inside the truck.

The good news is that all the paper is recycled!



(L-R) Attorney Joseph Karp and Tommy R.