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What documents do I need to protect my minor child?

Adele Small Harris

I frequently get asked what documents parents of minor children need, and there are really three that I think about. One is a Health Care Designation. That means if you’re out of town or unavailable, who can make medical decisions for your children during that time. It’s very important to have one and at least notify your parents or the folks who are appointed that they’re in the decision-making spot if something should happen to you. Another is preparing a Will with an Appointment of Guardian: It’s very important when the court will have to appoint somebody to take care of your children. The court will take into account your thoughts and wishes regarding who should be in charge of them, to make decisions for them in the days forward. And finally, a Trust is very important for you to set up for your minor child. If you don’t, life insurance or other monies that you have may actually go to the child at 18 ,which usually is not appropriate. Talk to us and we can help set up an estate plan for you to help protect your minor child.