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Medigap Plans C and F End in 2020

Take note: Medigap Plans C and F will close to new enrollment beginning January 1, 2020.  If you have subscribed to one of these plans before that date, you will be grandfathered in, and can retain your coverage for the rest of your life. Therefore, those who are  interested in one of these Medigap plans should consider enrolling while the plans are still available.

Medigap plans are offered through private companies and cover some costs not generally covered through Medicare Parts A and B. Medigap Plans C and F are similar, but F is more extensive, covering all hospital and doctors fees. Plan C does not cover any doctor’s fee in excess of Medicare’s standard limits.

The C and F plans are closing enrollment because they cover the Part B deductible. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 prohibits plans from covering the deductible beginning in 2020. Congress’ view is that if people are responsible for the deductible, they are less likely to seek medical help for minor health issues, thus saving the government money. Critics of the law claim that government costs will actually increase because people will neglect health problems until they become more serious, and more expensive to treat.

Some experts predict that in 2020, once the C and F plans are closed to new and healtheir enrollees, premiums for existing enrollees are likely to spike significantly.

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