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Joe and Jon Karp on “Oh My God I’m Getting Older And So Is My Mom”

Oh My God I’m Getting Older And So Is My Mom on July 18 featured Joseph Karp and Jonathan Karp. The father-son lawyer duo had a lively discussion with host Scott Greenberg about some intriguing topics: why some people are inclined to disinherit their children; how the pandemic has changed the way people deal with their estate planning, and how to protect children’s and grandchildren’s inheritances from falling into the wrong hands.

Senior Advocate Scott Greenberg hosts the show every Monday night from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on 95.9FM. You can listen to all the past shows here. Scott is also president of ComForCare Senior Services, providing home care services in Palm Beach County.

To hear the broadcast with Joe Karp and Jonathan Karp, click below.