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How Can Elder Law Mediation Assist in Handling Family Disputes?

Joseph S. Karp

As a Board-Certified Elder Law attorney, I’ve also become a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, which has been very helpful in assisting families in Elder Law Mediation. Not only do people fight over their parents’ estates when they die, but they fight over what should happen to their parents if their parents have competency issues while they are alive. Should the parent be in a nursing home? What medical treatment is appropriate? What money should be spent? Who is in charge of what? Some of it is sincere on the parts of all of the parties. And some of it is greed and money. We never know. But Elder Law Mediation gives an opportunity for the sides to meet with a neutral party who has no horse in that race except the parent or the elderly person that we’re trying to help. We try to resolve these differences so that money is not wasted, time is not wasted, and family injury is limited as much as possible.