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Whom Should You Name As Your Personal Representative?
August 18, 2023

Your Personal Representative is the person you select to administer your probate estate after you pass on. Often referred to as an “executor” in states other than Florida, a Personal Representative must be named in your Last Will & Testament….

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin’s Two Wills: Which One Deserves “Respect”?
July 16, 2023

“Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin died in 2018 at age 76 . To the world, the “Respect” singer left a remarkable musical legacy. To her sons, she left a painful legal conflict that dragged on for nearly five years.  …

Estate Planning When Your Heir Has A Drug Addiction
July 5, 2023

If you have a child, grandchild or other loved one who is suffering from a substance abuse problem, your situation is far from rare. Over 20 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or illicit or prescription drugs. Many others have…

How To Keep Medicaid Benefits Flowing to a Nursing Home Resident If The Well Spouse Dies First
June 27, 2023

It is a common assumption that an incapacitated person receiving long-term nursing care will pass away before his/her well spouse does. However, statistics show that is not necessarily the case, particularly when you consider that many “well” spouses are left…

Rock & Roll Icon’s Son Won’t Inherit Family Home
April 13, 2023

Rock & roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis died at age 87 on October 28, 2022 following several years of declining health. Wildly pounding away on the piano, he ushered in the golden age of rock & roll with classic hits…

Leonard Cohen’s Trustee, Children Battle Over His Estate
February 18, 2023

Leonard Cohen, the prolific songwriter, singer and poet, died November 7, 2016 at age 82. His well-known songs include Marianne, I’m Your Man, and the iconic Hallelujah. Cohen once said that he turned to songwriting just to pay the bills,…

Who Will Inherit Aaron Carter’s Estate?
December 6, 2022

The list of celebrities who have died without an estate plan grew by one more this November, providing yet another example of the chaos that can follow lack of planning, for celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Rapper/songwriter Aaron Carter was found…

Student Debt Forgiveness Could Benefit Older Borrowers, Too
October 26, 2022

Young people are not the only ones crushed with student debt. Some older people fall into this category, too. A College Board study reveals that 23% of federal student loan debt is held by those age 50 and up, as…

Actress Ann Heche Had No Will: Impact On Her Children
September 15, 2022

Updated 9/18/22 The lives of celebrities are always under a microscope. So are their deaths. The latest celebrity to receive such attention is Ann Heche. The 53-year-old actress was in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles on August 5….

florida pet trust
Florida Pet Trust Protects Fluffy and Fido
September 11, 2022

Over the years we’ve heard about the lavish (some would say excessive) inheritances people have left to their pets. Take Gunther, the German shepherd bequeathed millions by German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, who died in 1992. On this side of the…