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Last Will and Testament
Do Handwritten Wills Hold Up In Florida?
January 25, 2022

You have met with a competent Florida estate planning attorney and discussed your situation and your goals. He/she has drawn up a Last Will & Testament for you that meets your needs, fits your financial and family circumstances, and anticipates…

Estate of James Brown, Godfather of Soul, Finally Settles
December 17, 2021

James Brown, aka the “Godfather of Soul,” died at age 73 on Christmas day in 2006. One of the first 10 inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Brown’s signature songs include “I Feel Good,” “Papa’s Got A…

What You Must Know About Cryptocurrency In Your Estate Plan
December 13, 2021

An increasing number of our clients now hold cryptocurrency or are considering purchasing it. Cryptocurrency is a “digital asset” – but a digital asset like none other. It requires special consideration so that  (1) it can be passed on to…

Estate Planning Documents Every Florida Snowbird Needs
November 27, 2021

Welcome back, Snowbirds! We are writing this blog at the tail end of November. Today’s midday temperature in New York is 38 degrees; in Chicago, 34; in Boston, 35. At our Palm Beach Gardens office, it’s a glorious, balmy 70…

life insurance
Why couples (and singles too) may want to hang on to life insurance, even after retirement
August 25, 2021

As couples retire and age, their thoughts often turn to giving up their life insurance. The premiums could cover other expenses. There are no longer little kids to consider.  They are collecting Social Security, or soon will be. They are…

harry potter
Scholastic CEO’s Estate Plan Shocks His Family
August 10, 2021

Richard Robinson, the 84-year-old CEO of Scholastic Corporation, strolled on Martha’s Vineyard this past June with his two grown sons, Reece and Ben. They were shocked when their dad suddenly collapsed and died. They were in for another shock later,…

life estate for your significant other
Four Questions To Answer Before Giving Your Partner A Life Estate
July 30, 2021

Do you live with your significant other in a home that you own? If you are like most of our clients, you will want to make sure your partner can continue to reside there if he/she outlives you, then have…

estate conflict
Boar’s Head Legal Beef: Families Fighting Over Estate
July 7, 2021

An estate conflict has erupted between the families who own Boar’s Head. Why the legal beef? It appears to stem from a deceased owner’s failure to put her last wishes in writing. Boar’s Head Provisions Company was launched in 1905…

biden tax proposal
Biden’s Tax Proposals And Your Estate Plan
June 26, 2021

The Biden Administration’s tax proposals have been on the minds of many of our clients.  You may be wondering if and how your estate plan will be impacted, and what you should do now to minimize your heirs’ tax liability. …

TV Painter Bob Ross’ Son Loses Lawsuit In Battle Between Father’s Trust And Business Agreement
June 13, 2021

Bob Ross rose to fame in the 1980s as the host and instructor of the wildly popular Joy of Painting TV show. Viewers were smitten not just with his artistic techniques but also with his mesmerizing voice and congenial manner….