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Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Rates Increase Dec. 1, 2023

Veterans Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance can help elderly and disabled veterans and their surviving spouses pay for at-home care, nursing care, and assisted living care. A service-connected disability is not a prerequisite for benefits, but applicants must have served during certain wartime periods and must meet certain financial qualifications.

If you have concerns about how to pay for long-term care without wiping out your nest egg, talk with The Karp Law Firm attorneys. All of our lawyers are V.A.-accredited and can advise you about V.A. Aid and Attendance benefits, as well as possible Medicaid benefits. Do not assume that it is too late to explore your options! Even if your loved one is already receiving long-term care, we might be able to help you secure financial assistance. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (561) 625-1100. You can read more about the eligibility requirements for V.A. Aid and Attendance here.

Effective December 1, 2023, veterans pension rates have changed. See the chart below:

          Veteran’s Family SituationMonthly Maximum PensionMonthly Maximum Pension with Aid & Attendance Benefits
Veteran with 1 Dependent$1806$2727
Widow of Veteran$925$1473
Widow of Veteran with 1 Dependent$1210$1763
Veteran Permanently Housebound$1685n/a
Veteran Permanently Housebound with 1 Dependent$2112n/a
Widow Permanently Housebound$1130n/a
Widow Permanently Housebound with 1 Dependent$1415n/a