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Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Increases

Veterans Improved Pension with Aid and Attendance can help elderly and disabled veterans and their surviving spouses pay for at-home care, nursing care, and assisted living care. While a service-connected disability is not a prerequisite for benefits, applicants must have served during certain wartime periods and must meet certain financial criteria.

If you have concerns about how to pay for long-term care without wiping out your nest egg, talk with The Karp Law Firm’s attorneys. All of our lawyers are V.A.-accredited and can advise you about V.A. Aid and Attendance benefits, as well as possible Medicaid benefits. Do not think it is too late to explore your options: Even if your loved one is already receiving long-term care, we might be able to help you secure financial assistance. To schedule an appointment to explore your options, call our office at (561) 625-1100. You can also download a booklet about VA benefits here.

Below are two recent changes in eligibility requirements for these benefits:

Vietnam War Dates

For veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam, Public Law 116-315 broadens the the qualifying time period. It is now from November 1, 1955 through May 7, 1975. (Was  February 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975)

Pension Rates

Effective December 1, 2022, veterans pension rates changed to reflect the cost of living increase.

Veteran $1,633 (was $1,229) $2,050 (was $1936)
…with 1 dependent $2,046 (was $1,610) $2,431 (was $2,295)
Widow of Veteran $1,095 (was $824) $1,318 (was $1,244)
…with 1 dependent $1,371 (was $1,079) $1,572 (was $1,484)
Veteran Permanently Housebound $2,229 (was $1,502) n/a
…with 1 dependent $2,642 (was $1,883) n/a
Widow Permanently Housebound $1,432 (was $1,007) n/a
…with 1 dependent $1,709 (was $1,262) n/a