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Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits Increase 12/1/2020


Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits can help certain elderly and disabled veterans with the cost of long-term care, whether that care is provided at home, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living arrangement. Veterans must require assistance with “activities of daily living” such as dressing or bathing. Income, asset and other criteria that must be met, too. Widows of veterans may also be able to qualify. A service-connected disability is not a necessary.

The V.A. has revised its monthly pension benefits effective December 1, 2020. The new numbers appear below.

All the attorneys of The Karp Law Firm are accredited by the Veterans Administration. For additional information about aid and attendance benefits, check our Veterans Benefits page.

Monthly benefits (effective Dec. 1, 2020)Max. Monthly PensionMax. Monthly Pension with Aid & Attendance
Veteran with 1 dependent$1520$2295
Veteran’s widow$778$1244
Veterans’ widow with 1 dependent$1019$1484
Veteran permanently housebound$1418n/a
Veteran permanently housebound with 1 dependent$1778n/a
Widow permanently housebound$951n/a
Widow permanently housebound with a dependent$1191n/a


Total net worth cap has also changed: Effective 12/1/2020, it is $130,772 (was $127,061). Recurring unreimbursed medical expenses are deducted to determine net worth. Some assets, such as most primary residences, are exempt.