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Thanksgiving is a good time to look in on aging parents, provide assistance

Visiting your aging parents for Thanksgiving? Enjoying your family time is an opportunity to see how your aging parents are faring. Linda Rhodes, author of several caregiving books and former secretary of aging for Pennsylvania, recently wrote about what to look for during your visit with Mom and Dad.

What to look for

Around the house: Is the house more unkempt than usual? What about bills and paperwork? Do they look like they are under control?

The refrigerator: The contents of your parents’ refrigerator can be telling.  Is the food fresh or expired? Is it properly stocked?

The medicine cabinet: If like many older people your parent is taking numerous medications, do they seem to be organized? Are expired medicines still on the shelf?

Are your parents still socially connected? Do they leave the house, or does it seem like they are becoming more isolated?

How is their driving? Ask them to take you for a ride so you can observe.

How to help

  • Organize their medications.
  • Become familiar with your parents’ local support system and resources.
  • Help them with their paperwork.


Another resource to help you assess your parents’ safety and health is available from the Mayo Clinic.

And of course, Thanksgiving is also a good time to start to gently discuss your parents’ legal and financial planning needs.  For tips on how to start that conversation,  click here.

A healthy and happy Thanksgiving to all our readers.