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Law Firm at Alzheimer’s Memory Walks

The Karp Law Firm participated in the 2007 Alzheimer’s Association of Southeast Florida “Memory Walks,” raising funds for research and for assistance to patients, caregivers and families in South Florida. The walks took place in West Palm Beach, Florida and Stuart, Florida, on two consecutive weekends in March. Participants included Attorney Joseph Karp, Attorney Genny Bernstein and Attorney Adele Harris; Medicaid Planning Case Manager Deeanna Farrington; Estate Administration Paralegal Gail Brown; Estate Administration Paralegal Margaret Sajiun; Medicaid Planning Assistant Case Manager Brittany Ballew; Medicaid Planning Assistant Case Manager Sandy Jones;  Law Firm Administrator Audrey Yeager; Law Firm Administrative Assistant Liz LeBron;  Law Firm Bookkeeper Crystal Cappadoro; and Law Firm Marketing Director Debbie Karp.

Elder Care Attorney Joseph Karp with his dog and a new friend at the 2007 Memory Walk in West Palm Beach, Florida

Estate Administration Paralegal Margaret Sajiun (L), her sister, and Bianca the beagle at the 2007 Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk in West Palm Beach, Florida.