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Florida has a large senior population but other states also greying fast


Sure, Florida has a large numbers of retirees. No surprise there. But this may surprise you: Florida’s over-65 population is not growing as fast, percentage wise, as in other states. In fact, it doesn’t even crack the top ten. The state that’s greyed the most in the past decade? Alaska. Yes, Alaska, where the percentage of retirees increased nearly 60% from the year 2000 to 2011. Those 65 and older now constitute 8% of the state’s population. Following Alaska’s 65-and-older growth rate are these states:

Nevada: The over-65 population doubled (53.1%) in the past decade. Seniors now number 12.5% of the state’s population.

Arizona: 37.3% increase. 14.2% of the population are seniors.

Idaho: Tying Arizona, there has been a 37.3% increase in the number of seniors in Idaho. They constitute 12.8% of the population..

Colorado: The mountain state’s senior population grew 37.2% since 2000. They constitute just over 11% of the state’s residents.

Georgia: Senior’s numbers grew 36.5%. The over-65 population of Georgia now stands at 11%.

South Carolina: 35.4% increase, now 14.1% of the state’s total population.

Utah: The state’s over-65 population increased by 35.3% since 2000, and now stands at 9.2% of the total.

New Mexico:  32.6% increase of those 65 and older, now 13.6% of the current population.

North Carolina: With a growth rate of 31,7%, 13.2% of the state’s population are now 65 and older.


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