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Facility information on coronavirus cases now available

Staff and administrators at long-term facilities and assisted living facilities are under extraordinary pressure, and that’s an understatement. They are taking risks to protect patients and residents and we salute them for their efforts.

Until now, the names of Florida facilities with cases of COVID19 have not been made public. In a recent policy reversal, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the Florida Department of Health to release the names of assisted living facilities and nursing homes in which either residents or staff have tested positive for coronavirus.

Dave Bruns, spokesman for AARP Florida which had championed making the information public, states that although the information provided in the report is sparse, it is nonetheless a good first step. “Families now have at least some idea if the disease is in the facility where their loved one is and, even better, families know where it’s not,” he states. “They have a greater level of peace of mind if they know their facility isn’t on the list.”

All nursing facilities are currently on lockdown. Staff is screened upon arrival at work, and family members may not visit. Assisted living facilities are carefully screening applicants. A facility is required to notify residents and families as soon as there is an occurrence of COVID19.

Click here for the website related to all COVID19 matters in the state State of Florida. Several reports are available, including a regularly updated list of facilities with COVID19 cases, updated daily; and a list of facilities with COVID19 deaths, updated weekly.