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Florida Medicaid Rules For Income, Assets, Home Equity Change in 2024
January 14, 2024

Florida’s Medicaid eligibility rules change frequently. Our attorneys stay on top of all changes, so you can be sure you will always get the most up-to-date guidance from us. Consulting with our attorneys may enable you to retain a good…

Long-Term Care Planning Is A Middle-Class Necessity
November 22, 2023

The article below appeared originally in The New York Times. It explains why long-term care planning is essential for middle-class Americans.  The Karp Law Firm has been assisting clients and their families to meet this challenge for over 25 years,…

All WWII Vets Now Eligible for V.A. Health Care
November 15, 2023

The Veterans Administration on November 10 announced that all World War II veterans are now eligible for V.A. health care, including inpatient and outpatient health services, without regard to their financial status, income, or disability rating. There are no monthly…

Older Person With Purse
Florida Medicaid Increases Personal Needs Allowance For Nursing Home Residents
July 10, 2023

Florida has just announced an increase in the Personal Needs Allowance for individuals receiving Medicaid benefits for custodial nursing home care. The new figure is $160 per month, up from $130. The updated figure went into effect on July 1,…

How To Keep Medicaid Benefits Flowing to a Nursing Home Resident If The Well Spouse Dies First
June 27, 2023

It is a common assumption that an incapacitated person receiving long-term nursing care will pass away before his/her well spouse does. However, statistics show that is not necessarily the case, particularly when you consider that many “well” spouses are left…

Will Medicare or Medicaid Pay For Nursing Care? It Depends on The Type of Nursing Care
May 10, 2023

Our office frequently receives calls from adult children whose parents have entered or are about to enter long-term nursing care. Accustomed to Medicare covering their parent’s medical bills, they now face a frightening fact: Medicare will not cover their parent’s…

Changes to Florida Medicaid Eligibility Rules in 2023
December 9, 2022

Medicaid law changes frequently. Our elder law attorneys carefully monitor changes in order to properly advise clients seeking Medicaid nursing home benefits. We can often recommend legal steps that allow clients to protect their assets and retain a good portion…

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Revised Medicaid Rules For Nursing Home Benefits
August 12, 2022

There have been changes to two key numbers Florida uses when assessing an applicant’s eligibility for Medicaid nursing home benefits. These changes went into effect July 1, 2022. Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance The income of an applicant’s spouse is…

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Medicaid Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance Increases
June 25, 2022

Florida Medicaid’s Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance, MMMNA for short, increases to $2,288.75 effective July 1, 2022 (up from $2,177.50). This is an important change if you or a loved one apply for Medicaid benefits for nursing home care in…

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Visiting Loved Ones in Florida Nursing Homes: The Latest Rules
May 24, 2022

Mary Daniel made headlines in 2020 when she took a dishwashing job at an assisted living facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The facility had been locked down due to Covid. Taking the job was the only way Daniel, 57, could get…