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children at 18 need health documents
When You Kid Turns 18, He Needs These Legal Documents
August 30, 2020

Your child’s 18th birthday may seem like just another birthday on the road to adulthood. But legally speaking, it represents a massive change for him, and for you. Those 18 candles on the birthday cake mean you, the parent, are…

Florida cohabiting couples need legal plans to protect themselves, one another
June 18, 2020

Many of our clients “cohabit.” They are committed to one another and share a home, but are unwilling to marry, usually for legal and financial reasons. If this is your situation, for all intents and purposes you may consider yourselves…

Barbara Bush
Importance of Advance Directives, End-Of-Life Wishes Reflected in Barbara Bush’s Passing
April 18, 2018

Former First Lady Barbara Bush died at her Houston home on April 17, 2018, surrounded by her family. She had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, and had been hospitalized multiple times in recent weeks. Following an Easter weekend in…

Elder Orphan
Elder Orphans Need to Plan
September 12, 2017

The future of America’s “elder orphans” is getting increasing attention as we live longer, many of us without the support of a spouse, children, or other close relatives. The 2012 U.S. Census reveals that about  one third of adults ages…

Health Care Surrogate
Considerations Before (And After) You Agree to Serve as Health Care Surrogate
July 24, 2017

Consider yourself fortunate if you have been asked to serve as someone’s health care surrogate, for you get to decide if you’ll accept the job. Astonishingly, many people name a surrogate without ever asking or informing the person they select!…

happy preschool kids hugging
Parents of Minor Children – Make These Plans for Your Peace of Mind
March 20, 2017

Sara Hankins made sad headlines recently. The Illinois mother of four was diagnosed last year with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and lost her life on March 13, 2017. She was just 36. Her primary concern during her last months was not…

Sad Elderly Woman
Beyond the Power of Attorney: Protect yourself from yourself with a pre-need guardian
September 1, 2016

“Gloria” came to my office, convinced her 82-year-old mother was “losing it” after visiting her the previous week. Her mother had always been a fastidious homemaker, but now dirty dishes were piled up and enough trash was on the floor…

Newlyweds, tend to these important plans
May 31, 2016

At this time of year, thousands of eager couples, young and perhaps not-so-young, are busy with preparations for a June wedding. Guest lists, flowers and bridesmaids’ dresses take center stage right now. But after the honeymoon, newly married couples should…