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ABLE United Princesa Collage
ABLE Account Annual Contribution Limit Rises to $15K In 2018
December 11, 2017

Effective January 1, 2018, the Internal Revenue Service raises the total amount that may be contributed to an ABLE account to $15,000 (was $14,000). The ABLE account (“Achieving a Better Life Experience”) allows an individual with disabilities to save in…

Nursing Home Residents, Family Can Call On Their Ombudsman for Help
September 10, 2017

Being a resident in a long-term care facility does not mean giving up your legal rights. In fact, anyone who lives in a nursing facility gains certain rights. You can see a summary of those rights here, and read the…

Cat and Dog
Florida law allows you to protect your pets in your estate plan
January 16, 2017

Headlines are made when wealthy people leave outsize fortunes to their pets. One notable example is Leona Helmsley, the hotel magnate who passed away in 2007. Cutting out her family, Helmsley left her entire $12 million fortune to her pet…

myths and facts
Florida Medicaid Myths
November 8, 2016

In Florida, the average annual cost of a private room at a long-term nursing facility now hovers upwards of $90,000 annually, with a semi-private room around $83,000. With the oldest Baby Boomers turning 70 and the escalating incidence of chronic…

Medicare releases new star-based ratings for hospitals
August 3, 2016

What hospital to go to? You will get more help with your decision now. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has just released its new rankings for 3,617 hospitals nationwide. Originally scheduled for earlier this year, the release…

power of attorney
Is your durable power of attorney powerless?
July 22, 2016

It is important to have a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA). This key legal document allows you to name someone other than yourself to handle your financial affairs.  If you become incapacitated, having a DPOA can make the difference between…

Surprise, it’s ancillary probate
July 9, 2016

People who ask The Karp Law Firm to handle the Florida probate of a loved one’s estate often have an inkling of what’s ahead: just about everyone has heard horror stories about the probate courts, particularly the courts in Florida….

Life Insurance
Insurance companies doing business in Florida: Ignorance is no longer bliss
May 7, 2016

Life insurance can play a useful role in many people’s estate plans. It can provide replacement dollars for pension and Social Security income for a surviving spouse, or provide a guaranteed inheritance amount to beneficiaries, such as a spouse or…

Are you a married couple with an old AB Trust?
April 13, 2016

Setting up an estate plan requires making some of life’s most serious decisions. Little wonder so many people procrastinate over doing it. But as you can imagine, it’s the biggest procrastinators who feel the greatest relief when they finally get…

Getting remarried? Be sure to protect your children from your prior marriage
March 21, 2016

If you’re remarrying later in life, you may gain more than a new spouse. You may also gain a new, bigger family: your spouse’s children. You may have your own grown children, too. Hopefully, everyone will get along beautifully. But…